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Edit Cast Credited cast: Geoffrey Burton Wayne Tony Cealy Tony Laura Crowe Marcia Rebecca James Eye Witness Mark Oliver Elvis Kenji Watanabe Drummer Andrew Winmill Edit Storyline Elvis Pelvis is a story in two parts. Taglines: Elvis idolizes Hendrix A ten-year-old boy feels stifled by his tyrant father's obsession with the king of rock 'n' roll.

A young man searches for a surrogate father. Genres: Drama. Certificate: Not Rated. Language: English. Runtime: 95 min. Color: Color Black and White. Just like Elvis. Nevertheless, as I continued through the museum cursing the ungrateful child, I realized that I had learned more about President Lincoln in that museum than I ever did during my twelve years in the public education system. This troubled me greatly for the remainder of the day. Later that evening, I thought about exactly how much I knew about Lincoln before entering the museum.

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The only things I concretely knew were his contributions to the Thirteenth through Fifteenth Amendments, his eloquent speeches none of which I can recite , his presidency, his monument, and his state of origin. This is not much knowledge after twelve years of education. I know I am not the only person who finds himself in this predicament. I had never been exposed to any serious writings until my first political science classes, and even then, I was confused.

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Essentially, the problem is this: the public education system is not fully educating its customers, the leaders of tomorrow. Yes, I have read miscellaneous articles showing that ACT and SAT scores are rising, but just because a seventeen-year-old can excel in a standardized test does not mean that he can think for himself without spouting off the hottest gossip from Sports Illustrated.

Each year, the standards of education worsen. Ironically, some blame themselves for not harnessing the opportunity to learn, but for many, the opportunity was not even presented. Educators spend too much time disciplining and too little time educating. The Digest of Education states that thirty-three percent of public school teachers surveyed agree that disciplinary problems severely hinder their ability to teach students. This is evident in the increasing use of security cameras in hallways, school buses, security officers patrolling the buildings, and the installation of metal detectors within the doorways of each entrance.

There are also many types of detention for students: in school, after school and Saturday sessions. What does this do for a student?

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It merely teaches them consequences for their actions, without detering them from creating future problems. Many times, the student repeats the same behaviors and returns to his seat in detention hall. A prominent factor in the problem of discipline lies within the family structure. Most families do not instill proper discipline in their children.

Yet in these situations, the educators become the mentors to these children instead of educating them.

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With this dilemma, the education system suffers. Another problem is the lack of continuity. Junior high and high school are often just a means for memorization and baby-sitting. There are also many "busy work" projects without a thorough examination of material.


Such an atmosphere is frustrating for a child who wants to learn, further discouraging him from exploring new information and ideas. Thirdly, the most pertinent problem is the process of vindication. Will the role model status be resolved? The social thinkers of today are reevaluating the strength of the family. For example, the purpose of the Promise Keepers movement is to re-establish the role of the father in the family. By placing greater emphasis on its function, the family may assume more of the responsibility of being the appropriate figure in disciplining the child; thus, freeing the teacher to educate and develop the future of the student.